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At Cheese Moulding we manufacture unique micro-perforated cheese moulds. We are first to design and manufacture specific moulds for manufacturing Paneer Moulds (Indian Cheese). We focus on consumer requirement and produce specific custom made moulds as per cheese making customer needs.

We have stat of art facilities equipped with high performance machine and strong technical team. All manufacturing of product is in house from design to shipment. Our technical team expert in study and design of materials used for making cheese at different stages like Moulding, Resting and Draining trays.

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Moulds Tailored through Technology:

The capacity decides the Block Mould!

Moulds affect the structure, dry issue and final weight of the product. Thus, DAPL sets extraordinary significance on the improvement of its cheese moulds. Frequently, escalated preliminaries on location are the main method for finding the right shape.

Thus we provide the cheese moulds as per customer requirements and based on their specific needs.

A Thirst for Delivering Flawless Cheese:

At Cheese Moulding by DAPL, are firmly committed to provide flawless cheese through our technical improvements over the years for quicker procedures, but, regardless, at constant time, it’s imperative to keep searching for the standard of the ultimate product.

This way DAPL cheese moulds responds accurately to the precise requirements of the cheese business.

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Premium Quality Materials:

We utilize high sub-atomic weight polyethylene and polypropylene; reasonable material for sustenance contact, that meets US FDA confirmations and adhering to CODEX (European Union) rules.

The thickness of our moulds gives them high performance in quality and stretches their valuable life even more.

A small dose of special agents is needed to wash our moulds thoroughly.

Extensive Advice & Support:

Your unique needs are at the heart of our cheese molding blocks– which are based on flexible and quick product development supported by extensive application expertise and technical advice...we can optimize that process for you. We can even customize the color of your moulds to suit your brand and consumers – and we do it naturally.

Our cheese blocks speak a lifetime of devotion to raising industry guidelines higher than ever.

we offer cheese moulds for making the perfect Gouda, Edam etc... and  the perfect shaped cheese.

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Supreme Moulds

Micro Perforated moulds are the next generation methodology in cheese manufacturing. Gives many advantages over traditional cloth usage in Cheese production.

We produce moulds for multiple types, shapes, designs for Cheese manufacturing. We have specially developed high technology moulds for Cheese production.

Frequently Ask Questions

How to use micro perforated cheese mould?
Micro-perforated moulds are use without cloth resulting greater hygenic cheese.
What is the method for cleaning?

There are two type of cleaning use i. Using soking tank or ii. Washing tunnel

Why choose our mould?

Micro-perforated Moulds are used for producing high quality of cheese, better yield, efficiency and It will further replace the use of cloth.

What sizes are available there?

We can produce any customized shapes and sizes.

what are the mandatory precautions for mould?

1. Any metal with sharp edges should be avoided 

2. During process Mould Should be carefully handled in such a way that it should not drop to hard floor from height either empty or filled.

3. Top lid should be opened each time using proper handle (provided along with the mould for manual production).

4. Mould should be wash and rinse throughly at each cycle of production by mild warm water.

5. During stroage of mould do not put any heavy metal item on it.

6. MOULD Should Be Protect from the direct sun light


What is micro-perforated moulds?

Micro-perforated moulds are next generation methodlogy in cheese manufacturing.

Which grade material used in micro-perforated mould?

Food grade material is used in micro-perforated mould.

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